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PR, improve or learn a skill


Crafted by specialists



SWTY works with various athletes, trainers and coaches who create training programs with a specific goal in mind. Whether it be to run your first 5k, improve a skill or PR a lift, our training programs help you reach your most agressive fitness goals.



Backed by Research

Accomplishing your goals happens through proper planning and tracking of your progress. Backed by years of research into goal setting and productivity, we developed SWTY Journal to just that.

✅ The Framework For SWTY Training Programs

✅ Boosts Accountability

✅ Tracks Progress Effectively

✅ Keeps You Committed


Led By Experts

SWTY partners with various coaches and specialists in their respective fields to create carefully planned fitness programs that enable you to reach your goals.

✅ Goal-Based Training

✅ Improve Skills

✅ PR Lifts, Times and Movements


Step-By-Step Programming

SWTY Training Programs are broken down into easy to follow steps that eliminates confusion and provide direction.

✅ Weekly Prep Videos

✅ Movement Notes and Details

✅ Focus Points and Session Notes



Current Programs


“Glute Force One”

Goal: Tone your glutes and core

Skill Level: All

Length: 13 weeks


Goal: Tone & strengthen your arms

Skill Level: All

Length: 8 weeks

Coming Soon

“The Upside Down”

Goal: Improve handstand skill & strength

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Length: 12 weeks

Coming Soon

“The RoadRunner”

Goal: Run faster, longer and harder

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Length: 12 weeks

Coming Soon



How’s it work?

A streamlined user experience and proven techniques that help you reach your goals. Here’s how it works:


1️⃣ Pick a goal

Browse our network of expertly crafted training programs designed around a specific goal.


2️⃣ Access Digitally

Gain access to the program digitally with a unique password. You’ll keep access throughout the entire program length.


3️⃣ Plan & Track

Use our powerful offline planner, The SWTY Journal™, to keep yourself focused and committed to completing the program.


4️⃣ Get To Work

If you want it, you gotta work for it. We provide you with the plan along with a system to keep you accountable and focused.

Now it’s your turn.