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Train Focused.

It's an easy to use, powerful training notebook keeping you focused and committed to your fitness goals. Designed to work with various fitness programs, The SWTY Journal helps you break down your most aggressive fitness goals and work to accomplish them over a 90-day timeframe. 

It helps you commit to your fitness goals

By handwriting your agreement on paper, you're formally committing, in writing, to your goals. This gives you a deeper relationship with your goals.

You’ll breakdown your goals into weekly tasks

Planning shouldn't be a chore. We've made it quick and simple to help you break down your goals into more manageable weekly tasks.

You’ll track progress. Effectively.

Physically writing out your workouts, goals, warmups, etc, will help you remember key info that will ensure you're constantly improving.

Next time, you'll be able to crush the workout, harder.

Your Fitness. Our Mission.

The SWTY Journal is designed to provide athletes of all ages/skill levels structure and focus around their training program. It’s for those who love to plan, rather than to "wing it". For the ones who understand that a goal with no plan, is just a wish.

I'm ready. Let's go!